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 It is now already a second pair of this model. First one did not charge properly and would disconnect after only 30 min of playtime. So they took it for repair, destroyed everything else and now device would connect for a second and then immediately disconnect. And they finally agreed to replace the unit.

Now we are exploring the second pair of it.
First, it would not charge for 5 hours as explained in manual and would switch the while led off. It was on for some 4.5 hours so should be no big deal.

Now tried to pair it with Lenovo T420 and it worked fine.
I should note that this same Lenovo T420 paired fine with a cheap Chinese BT
 speaker so I would assume it was functioning all right.

So this fully charged headset was left on its own, presumably switched off as per manual and was waiting for the use. Until last night when it decided to inform me on the battery status. "Battery low" phrase by female voice could be tolerable if it would not be talking non-stop in irregular but short intervals. Manual did no mention this "feature" and it took me some time to realize where this was coming from in the middle of the night. Voice went away the moment headset was connected to the notebook. All right.

Now next day I switched it on expecting it would be functional. Yet apparently the  battery was dead. Let's reiterate: 2 hours charge, switch off, switch on 12h later: dead battery.

Now charged the headset for about an hour, white led faded as described.
Disconnect the cord, turn on headset, connected, no sound.
Unpair device from notebook, set it anew. It was recognized as some strange kind of device with a box-like icon. Unpair, remove, pair again. This time it was recognized as a headset. paired all right, no sound.

Opened the lenovo sound settings and clicked through the tabs. It looked fine everywhere, but there was no sound in the headset. Until I clicked on Recording tab of the Sound dialog. This is when the sound started to come out of the headset. Good quality, by the way. Switch to Playback tab - no sound. Switch back to recording - great sound flowing from the headset.

Ok, unpair and try to pair it again. This time it could not connect "because of authentication error".

Next attempt has come further And it said to be installing software and device required troubleshooting. It is now not showing in the list of playback devices although it is shown as being connected via BT.
What's more, the sound stopped coming from the lenovo own speakers. 

I guess I'll go for reboot now.

Reboot completed. Still no device. Go through the device enabling procedure  Now I finally have a sound in the headset, not before making it default playback device. Somehow connecting BT headset would not direct the playback to it.

Hope it will work from here.

It really helped to listen to some nature relaxation sound through the process :).
‘Sounds of Nature - a pine forest in April’ by Dmitry Boykov on #SoundCloud' #np


Date: 2016-08-25 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] oliviau
Great post. Thanks for sharing.
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