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Just discovered someone has uploaded  my Mazor photo to  the Wiki commons.  And has stated his/her ownership of the file.
Guys, Wiki is great, I'm flattered by your choice of my work for the article, but claiming the copyright on your part is disgusting. 

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Пришло странное послание. Некая организация строит сайт, о Порто, и очень хочет использовать одну мою фотографию, которую они нашли на flickr. Клянутся больше нигде и ни для чего не употреблять и поместить attribution.
Лучше бы, конечно, деньгами. Хотя ладно, разрешения спросили - и то приятно.

Какое-то у меня positive thinking в последнее время. Фотку попросили - денег нет, но хоть спросили. Хорошо. С потолка в ванной капает 5й день - хорошо, что вовремя заметила. И хорошо, что вода чистая. Куда ни плюнь - все хорошо.
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Прогулки по flickr в поисках новых булыжников принесли еще кое-что.

Тут картинки, - не совсем про булыжники, но все же.
А здесь вам напечатают сотню мини-визиток. Авторских.


Jul. 6th, 2006 05:30 am
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323 photos / 3,027 views


Jun. 25th, 2006 10:16 pm
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My flickr photostream has been visited 2500 times. Unfortunately I can't put the ClusterMap on the stream page to see where do these folks come from. Some do visit the profile page so they got recorded there, but this doesn't reflect properly.

Yet the more funny thing is my LJ visits map - China, Australia, India, Britain and Spain... Hmm, who whould  imagine. Could it be that these were net-robots?

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While browsing the flickr Sosser FIFA ... group noticed that vast majority of people faces (profiles) on the photos are turned right - from the photographer. That is on the photo they look to the right. Did not count them though, but "right" heads are much more multiple than the "left".

Must have something to do with perception ... O I have to finish the Arnheim's book. And find an intelligent way to gather proper profile statistics from flickr.
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Ok, next phase.

While admiring my cobblestones street image from last year vacation I decided to look for shots of the similar subject. To my surprize I did not find the dedicated group and not all the tagged images were of same good quality. So I decided to create my own group. Ta da!

Cobblestones Streets Around The World

Made it "by invitation only" - just blantly copied the concept from the Spectacular Nature.
After sending about 8 invitations we now have 6 ppl on board. Let's see if something will come from this yet another experiment.
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Installed the clustrmaps for all my israeli groups - let's see who visits them. No addvertizement campain (yet).


Jun. 15th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Joined the DeleteMe! group and gave them my beloved Aries - The Ram
Got deleted in one day. :( No "saves". And what an awful comments they gave, one by one. Uff. As one  of them wrote "love is in the air".  And for my gentle "what's good about these ugly subjects" I was told that I could not understand 'cause I'm not cool enough - if I'd live in LA ...
Total crap. But they play a fair game - the warning is right on the group front page.

Anyway, it's over. Removed all their comments, just left the last deleteme10 tag, for the [bad] record.

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It is now official - I'm flickr-addicted. So I'm thinking of it and of all the endless possibilities for conducting social recearch projects.

I think I'll start collecting some random thoughts re:flickr. (Subconciously I believe this may help me ease on addiction thing :)).

* There are LOT of gifted amators over there. Today  there are 302  photos in my  favorites collection and they are amazing. Discovering new authors is fun! :)

* English dominates the web and it's not going to end anysoon. There is a number of Arabic-speakers but I'm yet to see any in my favorite clasters (nature & architecture). Note to self: check their niche.
On a second thought I did not see a single hebrew tag till today, and I went through at least couple of K photos. No russian tags either.

Maybe adding a simple online translator for the purpope of comments reading/writing would help non-English speakers. On the other hand, they say tey already have some 1 000 000 submissions a day. For  the free service as flickr (25$/year is virtually nothing for what u get) it's a lot of data to take care about and they are having glitches all the time lately anyway. So maybe they just do not welcome "extra" folks.

* I'm missing an option of labeling and sorting out my favorites - some are great as photographs while others have an interesting subject and at the moment they are all in one heap.

* says:
    "I dont know where the idea this is a democracy comes from to be honest, It never has been and i can be fairly certain it never will be - ive been a forum moderator and admin for over 10 years and ive never seen one democractic one yet that works - attempts to make things so devolve immediately into an utter mess."

* I'd like to have a time record of when did I post a given photo to the specific group. And I want to watch the dynamics of attencion.


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